White Coffee


貨號: 40 分類:

White Coffee is a local product which has more than half of century history in Malaysia. Through decades of research ans development, White Coffee has been transformed to instant drinks and fit the modern style of coffee lover today! The White Coffee product was adopted as one of the official drinks under Malaysia Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 which held in Shanghai, China.

Thus, White Coffee has become extreamely popular not only among the local coffee lovers, but also has great response at oversea market.

The aromatic of White Coffee has retained the pure taste of coffee; the lighter color of coffee becomes it named White Coffee…
Lets try “A1 Mountain Globe Brand” – A1 BEST ONE Instant White Coffee” today!

A1 BEST ONE Instant White Coffee packed in 40gm per sachet for single serving.The Instant White Coffee product without add in  any flavor enhancer during the mixture process.

The Instant White Coffee easy to dissolve and pure taste, it is delicious even adds in the ice cube. The taste of A1 BEST ONE Instant White Coffee not too sweet and never feels greasy. The strong taste of coffee brings some bitterness and the aromatic of coffee seducing your taste.

The“A1 Mountain Globe Brand” – A1 BEST ONE Instant White Coffee” have been awarded with the Certificate of Halal Authentication by Majlis Agama Islam, Pulau Pinang. It is very suitable for all race to use.



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